Phobias & Fears

Don't let your 'fear' or 'phobia' run your life, take control now and see how Hypnosis and NLP can make that all important change in your life.

Many phobia treatments, attempt to deal with the phobia by calming things down after this response pattern has triggered. They treat the symptoms, not the cause.

Most 'fears' or 'phobias' come from a bad experience at a young age, usually in early childhood. The negative or even traumatic experience lodges in the un-conscious mind creating a response which stays with you for the rest of your life. This becomes a permanent program of behaviour.

This trapped traumatic memory has to be turned into, and saved as, an ordinary unemotional memory of a past event. The emotional tag, the terror response, needs to be unstuck from that object or situation. Basically, the mind just needs to be re-programmed.

Using Hypnosis and NLP, this is possible as these therapies deal directly with the un-conscious mind. This would allow you to review the traumatic event or memory from a calm and dissociated, or disconnected, state. Your rational mind can then do its work in turning the memory into an ordinary, neutral, non-threatening one. It will store it as factual memory where it should have been to start with. This happens very quickly as the mind learns fast. It learned the fear response quickly and it learns the neutral response just as quickly. And when that happens your phobia is gone. You are free.