Have you let your addiction get out of control ?

You don't have to be weak minded to have an addiction, it can slowly creep up on the most strongest of people without them knowing. Before you know it, the addiction is spiraling out of control, becoming something you can't do without.

This pattern can be broken using proven techniques under Hypnosis and combining NLP. Listed below are three examples with the processes used applicable to many other addictions.

Don't forget, you can get addicted to anything...


To those unfamiliar with this problem, addiction to chocolate may seem trivial. In extreme cases, though, it can be life threatening.

Most clients We see for this are not at the point of killing themselves and have simply found themselves inside the habit of eating too much chocolate, often several times a day, every day.

The easiest, most straightforward way of treating specific food addictions is to use simple aversion. This does not mean that we show you a piece of chocolate and plug you into the mains. We just use basic techniques to associate chocolate with something you would find very unpleasant to eat.

We have noticed with clients that we have helped in this way that they do not subsequently feel disgust or revulsion when they see chocolate, it is just as if all desire to eat it has faded away and is neutralised.

This is just one method of many that can be used.


There are many methods of getting you to stop smoking cannabis. If just 'smoking' is an issue as well, the two issues are tackled at the same time.

By utilising a combination of neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis the urge to take the drug is addressed directly, as is the fear of what life will be like without it.

Taking cannabis can develop into a habit that spans decades. Some people we have helped so far it had become a way of life and they had increased their intake over the years as their body's 'resistance' to the drug had built up.

The good news is that it is very possible to end the addiction quickly and easily and over the sessions. We work through a host of approaches to cover virtually any situation. As with getting someone to stop smoking cigarettes, different people respond differently to the work. Some just stop taking the drug immediately and are amazed that they experience a total absence of cravings. Some have no cravings for a day or two, and then suddenly get a day of intense cravings for which they need help managing and overcoming. Some continue to crave marijuana for a while but now find that they have the mental flexibility to deal with these feelings until they subside.

As with all drug related work there is no 100% guarantee of success, though NLP and hypnosis combined offer a powerful combination to give you the conscious and un-conscious tools to make the changes you want to.