Habit removal

Tired of an annoying habit that won't go away?

In this context the word 'habit' refers to non addictive, regular unintentional behaviour. Please see separate section for Smoking (smoking quit), Alcohol and Drugs (addictions).

All habits are simply learnt at some point in your life, becoming a permanent 'programme' of behaviour stored in the unconscious part of the mind. But like all things that are learnt this can be unlearnt, the 'programme' like with a computer has to be rewritten.

Examples of common habits:

The stored 'programme' usually results in frustrating, unwanted behaviour that you are not usually aware of, with the usual response 'I can't help myself' being said over and over again every time the annoying habit appears.

There is a solution to this common problem. Communicating directly with the unconscious part of the mind, Hypnosis and NLP can rewrite the programme with the results very surprising.