Are you stuck in depression with no light at the end of the tunnel ?

Depression is a word used to describe many states of consciousness and habitual ways of thinking, feeling and behaving in the world.

Usually people who are given the 'depression' or 'depressed' label have one or more of the following symptoms...despair, tiredness, sadness, lethargy, frustration, grief, anger, guilt, overeating, inability to sleep, no appetite etc. These symptoms, or patterns of thinking/feeling, tend to go round and round in loops in a person's mind.

Then, often there is self-blame, a feeling that their inadequate or stupid because they are not able to break out of the depression patterns themselves and stop the depression.

Sometimes the person knows, or believes they know, how the cycle of thinking/feeling began (the cause of the depressed state), sometimes they don't and go on a search to find out why they have depression.

Our approach is to help ease the depression, to help you stop feeling depressed and break the loop, by using Hypnosis and NLP.

We spend time observing and listening to the person to determine how it is the patterns of thinking/feeling that we call 'depression' manifest.

Then working consciously, building flexibility in the way the person thinks about things, the way they remember the past and imagine the future, the way they talk to themselves, and literally the way they experience the world.

Working unconsciously using hypnosis, we assist the person to gain flexibility in their behaviour, to build with suggestion, metaphor and conditioning new resources, and to connect the person with the resources they almost invariably have but have been unable to access during the 'depression'.

We find that by working literally with how a person is thinking, rather than trying to interpret, explain or theorise about why they are that way, we can achieve results more quickly.

Therefore our aim is to help the person as quickly as possible to become more resourceful in the here and now. Doing this will usually help to allow them to move away from depression, to view the past with a different perspective, and begin to think of the future in a more positive light, a future that sounds good when you think about it, and a future full of possibilities.